ISS FlyOver


*** No Sightings Issue Jan 2019 ***

NASA's RSS feed, that provides sighting data for the ISS FlyOver app, is currently sending incorrect dates for upcoming sightings. This has impacted the ISS FlyOver app, which is currently reporting no sightings for the current period. Normal service should resume once the relevant NASA team addresses the issue.



* Date and Time

Date and time are the local time of the selected city.

* Data Feed

ISS FlyOver reads the NASA Human Space Flight (HSF) Realtime Data RSS feed. That feed that provides up to date sighting information about the ISS. If the RSS feed is unavailable for any reason, the ISS FlyOver app will launch a web browser so you can see sightings info.

* Data Connection

ISS FlyOver relies on a data connection to the internet for up to date sightings data.

* Known Issues

Issue: Since date and time in the RSS feed are local to the selected city, the ETA should also reflect that. However, the app is currently using the local time of the device to calculate ETA rather than local time of the selected city.